Who are we?

Our mission is being devoted to a Bible based, Christ centred State Youth Camp, partnering with Baptist youth groups by empowering youth leaders & pastors to undertake the mission God has called them to, through genuine and safe relationships.

I’m sure you personally know the impact that Youth Camps have had on yourself or your youth, we want that impact to be known State Wide!


Why State Youth Camp?

Described as a camp within a camp, SYC is designed so that Youth Pastors & Youth Leaders can spend maximum time with their Youth Groups, and don’t have to concern themselves with the details of duties such as organising Catering, Activities, Workshops, Program etc. that come from organising their own own Youth Camp.

SYC is created by making decisions looking through the lens of the question “how can we support and resource youth groups?”.


Where are we going?

State Youth Camp is growing. Growing not only in the numbers of campers on the ground, but growing in the vision for the future and what could be!

Our aim for the future of SYC is to create a sustainable camping experience for campers and youth groups. Some of the ways we are doing this are:

  • Building a core team of committed, passionate, and capable volunteers of integrity
  • Being committed to receiving feedback from attendees, whilst having an attitude of learning how we can develop SYC to be helpful for the ministry of supporting youth groups to see youth transformed into vibrant, dedicated, contagious followers of Jesus Christ across NSW & ACT
  • A commitment to shaping SYC under the Core 5 Values, and the Big 6 strategic Priorities of the Baptist Association of Churches NSW & ACT
  • Exploring the possibility of developing a purpose built campsite in the future